Why I entered the challenge: Aliu Wahab's story

Name: Aliu Wahab

Why I am accepting the Challenge: When I first saw the competition and the topic: ”Securing Liberty: balancing security and freedom” my heart had a bounce of relief. Why the “relief”? It is basically because I saw the competition as a platform for me to showcase to the world that the balance between freedom and security has not been achieved due to the undefined nature of the laws that seek to push for human freedom.

People have hid behind this freedom - laws such as freedom of movement, assembly, speech etc. - to abuse national security. For instance, due to the ECOWAS law of free movement of citizens, some Nigerians have hid behind this to come to Ghana to engage in all criminal activities such as armed robbery, murder etc. Quite recently, a Nigerian couple were caught in Ghana with human body parts. These acts have kept so much fear on Ghanaians, as other people move into the country to indulge in all criminal activities. People should move because it is very important to them and that their actions will not affect other humans, hence the need to define freedom of movement.

Equally important is the fact that I see this platform as an opportunity to get the needed funds to finance my education.

Institution/studies: Economics and Entrepreneurship

Country: Ghana.


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