Task Two results are out!

For Task Two, the GDPPC judges evaluated 173 eligible policy briefs from a total of 50 countries, many of which provided engaging and thought-provoking analysis and recommendations on the topic of “Rethinking Drugs.”

After carefully reviewing and tabulating the results, we have compiled all the judges’ feedback that we will send to all participants of Task Two. Following a detailed review of your scores, we have finalised the selection of the Budapest Forum participants. We ask each of you to be patient over the next few days as sending individual scores and feedback does take time.

Judging your Task Two policy briefs was no easy undertaking—the creativity, critical thinking and analytical skills displayed overall by the participants raised the bar significantly, making the task of ranking each paper very tough for the GDPPC judges. We are honoured by the quality of the submissions and all the time and effort you have all put into the competition and we hope you will find the individual feedback from the judges insightful and constructive.

For those who receive an invitation to Budapest with their results, congratulations! We will post an update shortly briefing you on what is required and expected in the competition. We advise you to begin to prepare for the most challenging and exciting task that lies ahead!

To those of you who did not qualify, we sincerely thank you for your contribution to the competition this year. We hope you will draw useful feedback and encouragement from your results that will hopefully give you an edge in the next GDPPC competition!

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