Task One results are out

After weeks of carefully reviewing your policy memos, results for Task One are now finalised. All participants will soon receive an email informing them of their Task One results with an attached score-sheet detailing their ranking, score and personal feedback from the judges.

We received hundreds of submissions from a total of 65 countries, many of which provided engaging and thought-provoking analysis and recommendations on the topic of “Rethinking Drugs.” The quality of the papers we received demonstrates an increasing level of interest and capacity in engaging with public policy topics of global importance amongst today’s undergraduates. We are honored to have received your submission and would like to thank you all for the time you spent creating a thoughtful policy memo for GDPPC.

Important: Preparing for Task Two

Congratulations to the participants with the top 200 scores from Task One! If you have been invited to participate in Task Two, you may start preparing for Task Two by reading the updated Writing Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria.

Following a round of feedback with the judges after Task One, we have updated the Task Two evaluation criteria to reflect an increased emphasis on policy recommendations. Please read the updated evaluation criteria before writing your policy brief. Task Two participants will be graded on the new criteria with the respective weights: Evidence-based analysis and argumentation (30 percent), Policy recommendations (30 percent), Structure (20 percent), Citation (20 percent). A new and detailed grading rubric has been included in the Task Two Writing Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria to provide you a clearer understanding of how Task Two policy briefs will be graded.

The judges also wanted to share some feedback with all of you, so make sure you also check out our special Top 8 Tips from the Judges.

We are looking forward to reading more of your ideas and arguments on “Rethinking Drugs” and we wish you all the best. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at



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