Meet our finalists: Emily Barker

Name: Emily Barker

Where do you live? Alaska, USA

What are you studying Psychology and Economics at University of Alaska-Anchorage

Emily is a member of her University debate team and Psychology Departmental Honours Program. She hopes to continue her schooling to gain a bachelor’s degree in behavioural economics and a doctorate in social psychology and put her education to use in the academic field.

What have you gained from the experience the Challenge so far?             

I have gained knowledge of a subject and perspective that I once didn’t often think about. I have learned skills in interpersonal communication, how to valuably articulate a viewpoint, as well as the art of persuasive writing. I have learned how much research and thought and planning and problem solving go into policy making and how difficult it is to navigate a policy and subject of intricate complexity with the inclusion of diverse populations.

What are you most looking forward to about participating in the Forum in Budapest?

Not only am I looking forward to the chance to travel to a new place and culture that I have not previously experienced, I am looking forward to the learning opportunity as well as the opportunity to meet and experience viewpoints from a multitude of cultures and regions.

What are your personal interests?

I like to go hiking in the Alaskan mountains, biking around the city, rock climbing and bouldering, crafts and creative endeavours, exploring town and the wilderness, travel, camping, music, friends, debate, and reading.


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