If you’re going to the Budapest Forum 2014…

To those competitors who have earned themselves an invitation to the Budapest Forum 2014: Congratulations! We are thrilled to have you with us in Budapest and we are working hard to finalise the programme. You’ll get to mingle with like-minded students from all over the world (the Forum participants are truly an international bunch!) and explore the historically and culturally significant European centre, Budapest.

Here’s what to expect:

The final round of GDPPC 2014 will be competitive and challenging and you will need to be prepared for it. Those who come prepared for these challenges will have a much higher chance of leaving the Budapest Forum 2014 with one of up to five $10,000 scholarship awards with their name on it!

The Budapest Forum 2014 will take place over five days (23-27 June 2014). On Days 1 and 2, you will have the opportunity of engaging in multilateral dialogue sessions with expert speakers and get to know the Central European University (CEU), the School of Public Policy at CEU and the city of Budapest. Day 3 will be filled with capacity-building workshops to help you prepare for the final competition days, Day 4 and 5. The semi-finals will take place on Day 4 and the grand finals on Day 5.

Semi-finals: All Budapest Forum participants will each present and defend the Task Two policy brief they submitted in February 2014 at a mock parliamentary hearing. The total score (Task Two policy brief AND presentation) for each participant will be calculated, tabulated and ranked. Participants with the top 12 scores will qualify for the grand finals.

Grand finals: Up to 12 finalists will compete for the prizes through two components: team debate (in teams of two) and extemporaneous speaking. The 12 finalists’ scores will start again from a clean slate. Finalists will receive scores for both components. The total score (team debate AND extemporaneous speaking) for each finalist will be calculated, tabulated and ranked. Finalists with the top 5 scores will be the winners of GDPPC.

IMPORTANT (updated 14 May 2014): Please download and view the Rules and Evaluation Criteria [PDF] of the Budapest Forum 2014 for complete information on the rules and regulations as well as some helpful guidelines.

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