GDPPC Semifinals: High time for drug policy debate

Today, 42 participants from 21 countries began their quest to enter the grand finals of the Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge 2014. Participants presented their recommendations on drug policy reform at a mock parliamentary hearing and defended their policy briefs in a question and answer session with a panel of three judges.

The 12 participants who emerged with the highest scores for their policy briefs and their presentation were: Matthieu Ostrander, Jai Vipra, Rauno Kiviloo, Adam Wolf, Monica Melchor, Sagar Sheth, Adeleye Tomiwa, Lim Wei Jiet, Casey Mariel Anderson, Aaron Kanzer, Paolo Schietekat and Divij Joshi.

The finalists will continue on at the grand finals tomorrow, when they will compete for $10,000 scholarship awards at the historic Ervin Szabo library in Budapest, Hungary.

The five finalists with the highest combined scores from debating and extemporaneous speaking will each be rewarded with a $10,000 scholarship award.

The Budapest Forum 2014 is the final event of the annual GDPPC programme. GDPPC is jointly organized by the Global Public Policy Institute, the International Debate Education Association, the European Council of Foreign Relations and the Central European University’s School of Public Policy. The project is supported by the Open Society Foundations.


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