GDPPC Forum day two and three wrap up

GDPPC Forum day two and three wrap up

After day one which brought very interesting discussion on "Digital freedom in a hyper-connected world" with Marietje Shaake, member of the European Parliament and rapporteur for the first EU strategy on digital freedom in foreign policy, second and thrid day of 2012 - 2013 Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge continued with various workshop on public policy preparation and public speaking and communication.

Second day started with op-ed writing workshop with Tim Maurer, Program Associate at Open Technology Institute, where GDPPC finalists exercise practical writing techniques that will help them to demonstrate to the wider public how and why their opinions matter.

Jermyn P. Brooks, Chair of the Global Network Initiative and Board Member of Transparency International was the keynote speaker on the second day of GDPPC Forum. Freedom of Expression and privacy rights was the topic that sparked lively discussion with many questions.

Discussion on mapping the website censorship and circumventing the website censorship with Walid Al-Saqaf, Yemeni civil rights activists, closed the second day of GDPPC Forum.

Today finalists will have public speaking and communication workshop with Maja Nenadovic. During this workshop, students will develop analytical skills along with logic and impromptu speaking techniques to defend opposing sides of a social issue. The third day of GDPPC forum will be closed with workshop for policy brief presentation.

GDPPC is jointly organized by the Global Public Policy Institute, the International Debate Education Association, the European Council of Foreign Relations and the Central European University School of Public Policy. The project is supported by the Open Society Foundations.

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