GDPPC Day 3: Public speaking and debate workshops

Following yesterday’s panel discussion on the “Post-War on Drugs World”, Day 3 of the Budapest Forum 2014 comprised a public speaking and debating workshop for participants. This is the last day before the competitive part of the forum begins.

The public speaking workshop, facilitated by Luis Cano, Georgia Regan and Krystle Wong from the Global Public Policy Institute, covered the basics of public speaking using theatre-inspired exercises. It helped participants build their confidence and stage presence as well as develop their oral presentation.

The debating workshop, facilitated by Viktor Prlja from Zilovic Law Firm and Open Communication (OK) Serbia, taught participants how to develop a motion into a debatable case. The workshop consisted of motion analysis, clarification of important words and concepts, plan development, identification of problems and the status quo, as well as basic argument structure and strategy, including stakeholder analysis, cost-benefit analysis and value or principle arguments.

The Budapest Forum 2014 is the final event of the annual GDPPC programme. GDPPC is jointly organized by the Global Public Policy Institute, the International Debate Education Association, the European Council of Foreign Relations and the Central European University’s School of Public Policy. The project is supported by the Open Society Foundations.

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