Task Two

Up to 200 participants with the highest scores from Task One will be invited to participate in Task Two of the Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge (GDPPC). For Task Two, participants are asked to write a policy brief of 1500 – 1800 words. In comparison to the shorter policy memorandum required in the first stage, the longer policy brief must provide an in-depth analysis from a partisan perspective on one of two scenarios. The link to the Task Two scenarios can be found below.

The Task Two policy brief is different from the Task One policy memo. First, it is written from a partisan perspective (eg. private sector, civil-society, think tank). Your aim is to influence the decisions of policymakers by (1) alerting them of a problem from an outsider’s perspective and (2) advocating for a specific course of action in response to the problem. Second, it is not an internal “government-only” document but a public advocacy document. Third, the policy brief is longer and requires more in-depth analysis.

The Task Two Writing Guidelines (below) aim to help you design a persuasive and coherent response to Task Two. Judges will evaluate your papers based on the qualities outlined in the Evaluation Criteria section. Up to 50 participants with the highest scores will qualify for the Budapest Forum, which will take place from 23 to 27 June 2014. Please note that if you qualify for the Budapest Forum, your score for Task Two will be taken into consideration when judges determine the five winners of the US $10,000 scholarship award.

The deadline for submission is 28 February 2014 (midnight students’ local time). Results for Task Two will be announced by the end of April 2014.

UPDATE (19 December 2013): The Evaluation Criteria have been updated to reflect an increased emphasis on policy recommendations. Task Two participants will be graded using the new grading rubric, which is now included in the Writing Guidelines (below).