Task One

For Task One, you are asked to write a policy memorandum of 800-1200 words addressing one of four hypothetical scenarios on the topic of “Rethinking Drugs.” The link to the Task One scenarios can be found below.

Task One requires you to think about the policies that real governments or other groups should adopt, in order to adequately adapt to the changing realities associated with the spread of illicit substances and its implications for security, health and justice.

A policy memorandum provides policymakers with the essential information they need to do their jobs. It should break complex issues down into core facts, evaluate possible policy solutions and recommend a particular course of action. An effective policy memorandum will convince the target audience that the issues outlined require urgent action and that the policies proposed are the best way of responding to them. Your policy memorandum should also look at the ways in which civil society groups and other important stakeholders could interact with governments as the policy is planned and implemented.

The deadline for submission is 30 October 2013, midnight (participants’ local time). Results for Task One will be announced before the end of December 2013.