Budapest Forum

Up to 50 participants with the highest scores for Task Two will be eligible to participate in the Budapest Forum, the final stage of the Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge (GDPPC). The week-long event will take place from 23 to 27 June 2014, with the Organisers covering the full cost of travel and accommodation for all participants.

For more information on the Budapest Forum 2014, please download the programme agenda.

Forum participants will engage in multilateral dialogue sessions with expert speakers and youth advocacy leaders, attend workshops to develop their public speaking and advocacy skills as well as compete in progressive stages at the Forum for the five US $10,000 scholarship awards. The competition component of the Budapest Forum consists of the semi-finals and the grand finals.

Semi-finals: All Budapest Forum participants will each present and defend the Task Two policy brief they submitted in February 2014 at a mock parliamentary hearing. The total score (Task Two policy brief AND presentation) for each participant will be calculated, tabulated and ranked. Participants with the top 12 scores will qualify for the grand finals.

Grand finals: Up to 12 finalists will compete for the prizes through two components: team debate (in teams of two) and extemporaneous speaking. The 12 finalists’ scores will start again from a clean slate. Finalists will receive scores for both components. The total score (team debate AND extemporaneous speaking) for each finalist will be calculated, tabulated and ranked. Finalists with the top 5 scores will be the winners of GDPPC.

Awards: Up to five winners will receive a scholarship of up to US $10,000 payable to a graduate programme of the winner’s choice. Winners have the option of making the award money payable to a non-profit institution where they want to intern or work. The graduate program and non-profit should be related to the field of public policy. Winners should take note of the two years policy for claiming their scholarship award (please see Section III. F. Prizes in the Rules of the Challenge).

IMPORTANT (updated 14 May 2014): Please download and view the Rules and Evaluation Criteria of the Budapest Forum 2014 for more complete information on the rules and regulations as well as some helpful guidelines: