2012 - 2013 Challenge

Check out the highlights from the 2012-2013 Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge´s Budapest Forum, which brought together a talented group of finalists from 20 different countries to debate the increasingly pressing topic of “Digital Freedoms and its Limits”.

Read more about how the Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge has made an impact on the lives of the five winners.

The second annual Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge commenced in the fall of 2012. Under the theme ‘Digital Freedom and its Limits’, participating undergraduate students from 20 countries explored topics, such as the use of foreign policy to support the empowerment of citizens using digital tools in closed societies, the spread and use of surveillance technology and the standards of transparency in the digital world.

Participants of the Challenge were presented with a series of rigorous tasks throughout the year. During the first two rounds of the Challenge students had to write a policy memorandum and a policy brief in which they argued for policies that government or other groups should adopt to enhance the potential of digital technology to benefit individuals and societies.

In the third phase of the Challenge, the finalists of the first two rounds gathered in Budapest between 17-21 June 2013, where they had the opportunity to meet and discuss with experts in the policy area, attend a series of skills workshops and compete for up to five scholarships of $10, 000.

The participants were addressed by a number of distinguished speakers, including Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament; Wolfgang Reinicke, dean of Central European University School of Public Policy and president of the Global Public Policy Institute; Jermyn P. Brooks, chair of the Global Network Initiative and board member of Transparency International; and Walid Al-Saqaf, director of the master’s program in Global Journalism, Örebro University.  

During the final two days of the Budapest Forum, the finalists displayed their public speaking and advocacy skills in front of an international panel of six judges.

The 2012-2013 Global Public Policy Challenge was organised by the Global Public Policy Institute and IDEA in partnership with the European Council on Foreign Relations and Central European University, and made possible by the generous support from Open Society Foundations.

Check out this photo album of the workshops and competition at the Forum in Budapest, June 2012.